About ATAGG conference

ATAGG is Asia's Largest Conference On Agile Testing!!

The growing breed of disruptive technologies including mobile, social media, big data, cloud, and BI and analytics are fundamentally changing the business landscape. They are impacting software engineering and testing organizations, demanding differentiated strategies and smart tools to ensure quality of applications and data security. As the volume and velocity of data flowing across web and mobile devices increases exponentially, testing needs to become more reliable, scalable, and secure. It also needs to adapt to the new ways in which web and mobile applications are being developed and delivered.

ATAGG 2015 is an attempt to bring industry think tank under one roof to brainstorm and discuss how to adapt and evolve as a tester to test disruptive technologies like SMAC and IoT.


Why Attend?

Disruption and innovation as caused by the adoption of digital technologies have propelled some companies to meteoric success while contributing to the demise of others. Even companies once viewed as innovative have often failed to respond to disruption in the market, hanging on to legacy business models and outdated systems. The cycles of innovation are occurring faster and faster. The ability of a company to keep up with these changes will determine how business contends with these disruptions.

Following are the three key questions you and your testing organisation or testing department and testing centre of excellence should be solving for now:

  • How do we as testers and testing company evolve and thrive in SMAC & IoT world?
  • From tooling to skilling and from strategies to fundamental values what needs to change and how?
  • What are solutions and services available in market which I can leverage?

ATAGG 2015 is an attempt to seek and share answers to these basic questions.

What will you learn about?

  • Learn latest techniques and skills required to test disruptive technologies from industry stalwarts themselves
  • Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools for testing in SMAC & IoT
  • Recognise, understand and acknowledge challenges in testing emerging technlogoies
  • Meet and network with fellow testing experts from leading companies
  • Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise

2014 Edition

"The presentation pattern & style is very good and very informative. Bharathi Mekad, Oracle

"Fantastic session, very nicely presented the soft skill in the agile world." Mohan Raj M, Capgemini

"Very Good session cool as cucumber salad on the plate." Gopi.J, IBM

"Spoke of challenges we face everyday, or hear of from people of different organisations. Really helpful." Harinee, Thoughtwork

"very informative. Driven audience to think differently. thank you." Pramod Johnson, McFadyen

"Provided good insight into mobile apps testing and inspiring people to move that domain. Excellent!!" Sowrathi, Citrix

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