October 8-9, 2015 Bangalore, India
Percy Hilloo
Schalk Cronje
Katrina Clokie
Pradeep Balachandran
Renu Rajani
Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy
Rahul Ganapathy
Srinivasan Desikan
Vinay Krishna
Ramesh Pai
Anuradha Amudalapalli
Karthikeyan Dakshinamurthy
Virender Kumar
Dhanasekar Subramaniam
Nishi Grover Garg
Dinesh Madne
Swetha Sivaram
Nitin Mukhija
Tarun Lalwani
Anand Bagmar
Anish Cheriyan
Aditya Garg
Manoj Tiwari
Ashish Mishra
Tushar Somaiya
Soumya Mukherjee
S R V Subrahmaniam
Rajkumar J Bhojan
Meghanandini Kuchangi
Shivram Mani
Brijesh Deb
Rishi Raj Srivastava

Call For Speakers

Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) wants to invites industry professionals and practitioners to conduct and facilitate practical SMAC, IoT & Agile Testing dojos / workshops / sessions / case studies at Agile Testing Alliance’s Global Gathering (ATAGG) 2015. We would love to see testing experts share their experience and expertise on practical testing methods, techniques, processes, mindset, tools, physiology, science and art through a hands-­‐on interactive session (coding, testing, games, exercises & case studies) of either 1 or 2 hours.

Important Dates
15-July-2015 : Call for proposal
15-Aug-215 : Close Early Submission
20-Aug-2015 : Announce speakers selected from early submission and open late submission (if required)
15-Sept-2015 : Close late submission
20-Sept-2015 : Final schedule

Submitted proposals would have a good chance of selection if:

  • The topic is unique and compelling with a catchy title
  • It is relevant to conference theme of SMAC, IoT & Agile
  • The topic is delivered in a hands-on practical fashion (run using exciting games, fun activities, case studies, exercises, simulations etc...)
  • Justifies the time needed to convey the message
  • Is practical and provides good learning experience which leaves the participant motivated and excited
  • Learning outcomes are clearly articulated along with target audience. Ideally 3-5 points, one on each line
  • Speaker should be subject matter expertise and thought leader on the proposed topic

Business, IT and Testing industry has matured and moved beyond basics. Hence we strongly discourage practitioner to pick up basic topics. Industry wants more advanced and practical topics over theory. Couple of topics which industry wants to hear on are challenges in testing disruptive technologies, mobile testing strategies, mobile testing tools, testing as a cloud service, testing cloud services and frameworks, challenges in testing big data applications, demo of tools available to testing SMAC and IoT, model driven testing, latest trends in testing, emerging disruptive testing techniques etc.